Providing Leadership in Literacy and Education for the Commonwealth

Strategic Plan 2021-2025 click to view

A Position Statement: Embracing a More Complete Understanding of the Science of Reading click to view

Mission Statement

Inspiring educators to promote literacy within and beyond the classroom.

Vision Statement

All children will know the joy and success that comes from literacy.


4 Basic Pillars of Literacy - we value the role that reading, writing, speaking and listening play in our everyday lives

Quality Children’s Literature - we value the reading and dissemination of engaging literature for all ages

Dynamic Professional Development - we value new and established voices from a diverse representation of literacy leaders and educators

Collegial & Personal Connections - we value the relationships that are formed in the pursuit of a common mission and vision

Collaborative Partnerships - we value working with other organizations that share a common mission and vision

Community Service/Outreach - we value service and outreach projects that promote literacy in our neighborhoods and throughout the world

Diversity of Voices & Perspectives - we value the strength that comes from a variety of backgrounds and viewpoints

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